At Noetic Strategies, our Solutions & Innovations are a result of focused Research & Development. It's our goal to turn our R&D efforts into viable, quality solutions that solve technical problems.


Our technical team and corporate staff work diligently to support the commercialization of innovation. Our corporate culture, from the top down, is one that fosters innovative strategies and the discovery of solutions for technical problems.


Biologically inspired systems look to nature for metaphors to apply to the cyber security domain. Natural systems are every bit as complex as designed systems, and often have mechanisms (defensive and offensive) that are ripe for application into new domains. Of particular interest to Noetic are distributed intelligence and evolutionarily based metaphors.


If systems are to be entrusted to provide mission-critical capabilities then there needs to be a means of having a reasonable assurance that the system will be available. On the one hand this refers to the concept of metrics; providing measurable prediction or reporting of how a system behaves under attack. More interestingly, this also implies systems with the capability to continue fighting through an attack.


Modeling and simulation for cyber security is an area that has been neglected. Rather, approaches to cyber modeling and simulation either operate at extremely high or extremely low scales. What happens at the lowest levels is fairly well understood. Additionally, people often make assumptions about how that applies to the campaign level of simulation. There is little effort on bridging this gap in a sound manner. Noetic is interested in building technologies to bridge this gap, partially due to the applications in metrics and resilient systems.